Queen of the Nest

My son’s first grade class does not partcipate in Mother’s Day… two precious children in a class of 19 have lost their mother’s to cancer — right now, it’s just a topic they are skirting… the kids have enough on their plate. We, the mother’s in that classroom, stand behind the teacher’s decision — it’s the least we can do to help.

Even though there was the traditional mother’s day gift at home, my first grader felt a little sad about not having a present to bring home  for his mommy — the Queen, they call me, in this nest of boys. He wanted to make something like the mod podge flower vase his big brother had made in his 3rd grade classroom.

Finally, the day came. He did have something that he made at school, after all. He came home from school, beaming… with the carefully wrapped disc, saying “I’m sorry it took so long to get this for you… but now I finally have your mother’s day gift.”

He unwrapped, and unwrapped the brown paper wrapping….

to reveal his “science” project… a painting of an ant, a bee…. can’t tell what it is for sure– and even he’s not sure what it is. But whether bee or ant… they both have queens, and that makes it the perfect mother’s day gift for me.  And yes, Jodi, this art is on display in my cabinet!!!

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