Q-Tips of Love

Four 10-second swabs was all it took to see if I’m a potential Bone Marrow donor for my friend Seth. The lobby was filled with people filling out forms of their own medical history, a table laden with a big iced-chocolate cake stood by, and stacks of sterilized swabs sat waiting in their envelopes. Over 350 showed up for the event, a visible outpouring of love. The nurses are shipping the packets out Monday, and then, there is the 10-day waiting period to find a match. If we aren’t able to help Seth, we’re all in the BeTheMatchRegistry to help someone else. Just knowing that fact gives me a marvelous feeling.

If you’re considering it, but afraid of what it entails; please know that the procedure was quick and painless. Four 10-second swabs. More details about the procedure can be found here.

Our celebration is mixed with our anxious and patient wait for Seth to wake up. Please remember his family in your prayers.  Let’s just hope that Seth is giving himself a much needed rest before he embarks on his next phase — the bone marrow transplant.

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