Puppy Heaven

The  puppies are still not quite big enough to leave their mommy. So, we trucked out to the farm and gave them a visit. Here’s what we saw. 

lab puppiesdsc_0037

lab puppiesdsc_0038

lab puppiesdsc_0039

lab puppiesdsc_0042

lab puppiesdsc_0043

lab puppiesdsc_0045

lab puppiesdsc_0050

lab puppiesdsc_0051

lab puppiesdsc_0063

lab puppiesdsc_0065

lab puppiesdsc_0081

lab puppiesdsc_0083

lab puppiesdsc_0085

lab puppiesdsc_0087

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3 comments to “Puppy Heaven”
  1. Oh my…that soooo makes me want another one….puppy that is!! But, then I remember all the craziness of the first year…but then I think about how much that dog is part of our family and loves us so unconditionally….what color are you getting???

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