Scientific proof that Santa did it

Santa did make it to every house yesterday, and despite all the whining and naughtiness at my house, he came to ours too. But how?
Live Science found Santa expert Larry Silverberg, a noted U.S. engineer and self-described “rocket scientist.” He believes that Santa has made scientific breakthroughs that “the rest of humanity can only dream of.”
How does Santa know what to bring? Using an underground antenna, he collects brain wave signals, similar to the way signals come through a cell phone.
How does he get to every house? Look at Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, and see that space and time are bendable. So Santa uses this knowledge to wrap his sleigh and 8 reindeer in a relativity cloud, where time stands still. Santa also shrinks and expands the cloud so he can fit through the chimney.
Silverberg’s team at NCSU performed detailed calculations using this relativity model. “We found that in six months, a fleet of 750 sleighs could get to all of the homes on Earth, traveling an average of 84 mph in the relativity cloud,” he said. “Of course, outside the cloud, all that happens on Christmas Eve.”
And my favorite, “ Santa uses sophisticated nanotechnology to build toys and other presents in a flash, right there on the family living-room floor,” Silverberg said.
And you saw that happen at your house, didn’t you. I saw it too. Think back to Christmas Eve. The kids finally went to bed, and you had to pull all the presents out of their hiding spots, some of them still needed to be wrapped. Worse, some still needed to be built. (Love that shrink-wrapped packaging!!) Nothing short of a miracle allowed that to get done before dawn on Christmas morning. And then think back to all of those choices you had to make about what presents to buy for all of those loved ones on your list. Only Love can bring communication so clear. And we’ll do it again next year, the same way.

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