How to Pick the Perfect Color Scheme

If you hand me a string of words, and say, “Make something out of this,” I could create a masterpiece. A Quilt of Words. If you handed me a house, and said, decorate this, make this a masterpiece. I would fail miserably. Fortunately, I have friends who can do that for me… simple things, like telling me where the desk should go. Right now, my husband and I are in the market for a new paint color for the kitchen. Our “research” has been to visit favorite restaurants and “analyze” those colors. Then, armed with “favorites,” my friend picked this color: Sherwin Williams Dovetail Gray:d8ca75981c7172a338aef5e330c0d5fd


Source: via SusieJ on Pinterest


this color will match our countertops, “perfectly.” And it does. It’s funny that this is her “final answer.” She doesn’t wonder if maybe green would work, or brown… this is the “right answer,” and she knows this. Just like, I know how long the sentence should be. This one should be short. And the one that follows should be, and will be, quite long:

Enamored with her talent to pick colors, I found this website… which creates an entire



palette for you from nature, or found objects. I am so intrigued with how this works that I can barely contain myself. You can pick your own colors with a palette picker,



(Isn’t it just amazing… how all of those colors are RIGHT there.. and I can’t even see them– until I see this?!)




and it fetches an entire color palette.



scheme for you…71835fe63b88b7fdc28b323fff3bc724



or you can pick a type. Like this vintage red, that I just love…



it screams “kitchen” to me…

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  1. Have fun!!! The site uses pantone numbers… so I think a paint store could duplicate them… at least you could give them a pantone chip from an art store…

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