Party Prep

Even though the party doesn’t start until 7:30, I like to have everything done before the kids walk into the door from school. Because, after that, I could loose my cool. Cucumbers, onions and tomatoes are already cut, covered and on the porch (it’s cool there) and waiting to be turned into Greek Nachos. (Don’t you just love the thought of cool, crunchy fresh vegetables in winter, smothered on top of something warm?)  The roast is simmering in the crock pot (smothered in Greek spices like mint, cinnamon), the yogurt is drained for the Tzatziki Sauce.

The cheese is cut on the board, with chalk labels on brown craft paper. The board is covered on the porch with the veggies.

I’m sipping this big chai latte that I made for myself…

trees are not done — but my friend suggested a dowel stuck in STYROFOAM! ( How genius is that?) … but I’m making these wreaths for the back kitchen windows. Honestly, they are not turning out. But with a sprig of fresh garlands, it should be fine.

I’m covering the tables in white and brown craft paper and the platters are sitting dining room table. All I have left to make are the onion crostinis.

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