Over The Moon

It’s his birthday. The one who loves green. And trains… and the entire concept of wearing shorts all winter. That one. He’s ten. I made the greenest cupcakes I have ever seen.

I used an entire bottle — the big one, one ounce– of green food coloring.

Then, we made this cake balls for his class “treat.”


Have you had a cake ball yet? They are SOOOOOO good. And why wouldn’t they be? You simple take a baked cake, put it into your food processor, along with a glob of icing, dip it in chocolate, and add sprinkles. Why wouldn’t that be good?

Then, we let him get an aquarium… for his room. To hold a couple of frogs. He is OVER THE MOON about this.
Right now, we are cycling the tank… this could take 2 to 4 weeks — before we can get the actual frogs.


I did all the research… and we have two very “tough” fish who are busy building the bacteria in the tank to get the water ready for the frogs. All I can say is, he is just over the moon with joy over this one… and it didn’t hurt that it was a full moon for his lovely birthday too.

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