Outside The Backdoor

It seems all I have time for this last few weeks of school, is to snap this picture. I’ve been admiring this gardening “accident” for a few days now. This was a happy accident…we planted some peony bushes a few years back in pure white. And then last year, as the peony bush grew so slowly, wanting desperately to fill that dead small space by the driveway with some low-maintenance color. peony002

Catnip. Blooms for such a long time, in bright blue, and even though it grows as prolifically as a weed, behaves itself.

And now, instead of a dreary gray wall…the plants have grown up so nicely, all by themselves, and we have this to look at for just a few seconds before we head out the door.


Funny, how I’m thinking the same thing of my children, as I watch them gather awards, and present themselves so well in this season of so many transitions and changes… they are really becoming something grand. 

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