Our “it’s not done yet” snow house

One box of Domino Sugar Cubes







Famous last words: “You’re not supposed to eat it…”





Wordless Wednesday

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44 comments to “Our “it’s not done yet” snow house”
  1. I love that. I never would have thought of sugar cubes. A church nearby uses everything for its annual gingerbread village, so I thought I had seen it all….Thanks for opening up the possibilities!

  2. That is one cool snow house! I love the roof!

    We used to make these when we were little. I’d always steal a “snow cube” or two in making it!

  3. That is so something that I might actually be able to do. I’ve got the gingerbread house kit, which we do every year. This looks grand, though. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Hey, just like Lego — only not nearly as painful to swallow! Looks like a great project! I might have to try that with my girls. It might go more smoothly than making Christmas shape cookies…

  5. This is splendid! No one in Tribeca has thought of this. It not only looks fantastic but also teaches some very basic ideas of construction. Nanny Tina and I are going to build one tomorrow — a model of Bergdorf’s.

  6. Hi susiej!

    I agree, I would have never thought of sugar cubes! What a great idea! I LOVE his expression – I would have been popping those things in my mouth when no one was watching, too. lol

    Thanks so much for playing! Voting has started so urge your readers over to vote for you! Good luck and have fun!

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