Anyone want to go for a drive?

When I was little, before gas prices skyrocketed, my Dad used to love to take us for a Sunday drive in the country to see one-room school houses and old abandoned cemeteries.

Our drive to the lake is 3 hours, and most of the drive has no direct route via interstates. Instead, we drive through back-country roads, past weathered barns, horses, and a loose cow. The owners of the farms, houses, trailers and stores are becoming familiar as we increase our travel to the lake, yet they still remain strangers.

I put this video together during our summer drives to the lake. (Yes, it’s a little shaky, I hope you don’t get car sick.) Here’s a chance to join us, as fellow travelers, in our noisy van with four boys, to see some of the highlights of our drive.

While posting this video on you tube, I found this beautiful video of the Farm Auction. Stick with it, after the first few seconds, the video turns into black and white stills. Each pictures tells a story… Sniff, sniff.

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21 comments to “Anyone want to go for a drive?”
  1. Good idea – including us as the fellow travelers. What a beautiful lake. Makes me wish it were summer again. I’ll be traveling with 5 kids in the Fall. It’s exciting, isn’t it – so many young travel companions.

  2. Your drive to the lake was beautiful and fun. The roaming cow reminds me of the rooster, hen and chicks which roamed the streets of the mountain town near our home. There were actually chicken crossing signs posted.

    The farm auction just made me cry. Beautiful photos, but a sad event in my heart. So many of those farms are auctioned and become subdivisions or other types of developments. How I wish the human race treasured the earth more dearly. I’ll hush now.

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