Our Anniversary

davesusie11.gifHe’s in the middle of this whirlwind travel schedule — and I’m in the middle of Shark Bites, and a toddler that will not eat, and they found the Elf again. (I hid him in the oven this time.) Oh, yes. The tooth fairy is making a visit tonight, and I have no dollars on hand. It is tough to find common ground in our separate worlds. His crazy travel schedule is unusual for us. We’re not used to it. Things will settle down again on Thursday. (He has Mini-Mall duty.)

He made a surprise stop home last week — something unexpected came up. Actually, I think he was inspired by this post to come and see us. We are both tired, and exhausted, and the kids ate up what little energy we had left in the evening. I did notice something in the brief period he was home, though. I noticed how relaxed and comfortable I felt around him. It’s not that I don’t feel that way all the time — but this time, I noticed it. This is something common to all life partners — a familiarity that leaves you free to just be you, without having to explain your current mood, your quirks, your hot spots and your weaknesses. It’s all sweetly understood, accepted, and most likely, cherished. It feels like “relief” at the end of the day.

Saturday night, we celebrated our anniversary. My favorite babysitter spent the night and watched the boys, and I was free to meet my husband at the hotel where his conference was being held. It was so nice to have a few hours with him, free from the constant care of the boys — and their laundry — for a few hours.

So, the year was 1993. Gorgeous Spring day, with “not a cloud in the sky,” as my husband always recalls the day. The sun was shining on us that day. My father’s toast was precious — I’ll always remember it.

“My wish for you, is that your love will last as long as it takes to use an eye-dropper to empty the ocean.”


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  1. Awwww, what a cute couple you guys are, no wonder your kids are so scrumptious. Been offline and out of town for a few days, and have really enjoyed catching up here. Hibiscus coming soon!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You look good together in the picture…
    Ok, this post made me teary eyed…especially the toast from your dad.

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  4. Happy Anniversary!! I just had my 15th last week on May 16th! Your post was beautiful. My husband doesn’t have to travel often, just once a year for a conference, but I’m not used to it either. It completely throws me off.

    Sometimes he laughs at me because usually with the 4 kids on the weekdays I’m running like a nut and he says “we usually just plop down on the couch and watch a TV show”. I know we do, but I know he’s there. It’s an entirely different feeling when he isn’t.

    I have friends who just love when their husbands are away on business trips. My one friends husband travels more than he is home and she thinks this is a blessing. I can’t understand that at all!!!!

    Happy Anniversary again! many, many more!!!!

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  5. Happy Anniversary to you! You both look so happy/perfect together!

    Isn’t it great that your husband can read what’s happening and surprise you with visits when he just knows you need them!

    May you both continue to renew your commitment to love and continue to share your love with the world!

  6. 1993! Well done – and still feeling like that! We beat you by a year, but then you’ve got us hammered in the breeding department 🙂
    Favourite aunt is coming down on Friday so we’re hoping to get a morning together (evenings just don’t count at the moment…)

  7. Wow! What a gorgeous couple you are. You look like you’ve just met and are falling in love. Happy Anniversary from everyone at NannyWorld.

  8. You guys are so nice to write such beautiful things. I feel like it’s our wedding reception all over again!! Well, he’s home now, so I can get back to being married.

  9. *sniff* this made me my eyes well up…

    I’m glad you found some time for one another…it’s so precious…and being a mom like you….few and far between!

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