Origami in Retrospect

He’s had a request to make some origami dresses for a “client.” As an added benefit, he’s going to make a centerpiece — but he was at a loss of what to make. But I wasn’t.

I started going through the archives here, on this blog, to find some of his creations, like the dresses, of course, the trees, stars,

A Star Full of Wishes

and cranes,

the 3-d origami and the 

swans, the bats, the boomerangs from the class he taught when he was in third grade, the angels, the cranes that flew, the snowflake cookies, (while these are NOT origami because they involve cutting)..

In all of this work, I am stunned at how little he was, there in the background, folding, calculating and creating these masterpieces.


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