Order This Before The Cold Spell Comes

I know you’re freezing — you’re wearing several layers of sweaters, a turtleneck AND a scarf — and of course, the hat. Inside. And you’re still cold. But this isn’t cold yet. Apparently, we are getting a cold wave that is coming through that’s going to FEEL LIKE -60 degrees?! (Fahrenheit — for those of you in Australia who do not know what this kind of cold will feel like.) Neither do we, actually.


I found this amazing Anne Klein fleece nightshirt at TJMaxx — it’s pink/white and oh, so very warm. Every time my kids see me wearing it, they look down and back up and they’re just waiting for me to explain. And all that needs to be said is, “I’m cold.”

It’s supposed to be a nightshirt, but quite honestly, my legs were freezing. So I’m wearing it with pajama bottoms.

But today, after I was fully dressed in winter gear,  I threw my new nightshirt find on top of my sweater, turtleneck, scarf — and capped it off with my hat. I’m starting to warm up…

So, I want to order another one — and urge you to get one too. I cannot find a single fleece pajama set like the Anne Klein one I found — because mine is kind of an A-line dress, and it’s beyond just cute and adorable.

This would definitely keep you warm…

But you know, it’s a robe — and it’s just so bulky and “in the way.” Mine is a simple fleece dress, with a loose cowl neck that gives you plenty of movement and freedom. One other  “dress-shirt” that comes close look something like this long sweatshirts. Cute,

just different. I think the hood would be uncomfortable for sleeping.

It’s more like this,
but in fleece – and a-lined.

I’m sure these will keep you just as warm — but look around and find something you like … because you are going to need it!


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