Only The Photos I’ve Had Time To Take

Within 15 minutes of our arrival, Fun Size dropped four quarters on the counter, and said, “These are mine.  I just got paid.”

So this is how the stories have been rolling since we arrived at the lake, less than 24 hours ago.

The little wakeboarder



Still doesn’t “like his knees to show.”


I took my oldest to his interview for his internship — and he’s heading out on a video shoot for a golf outing on Wednesday– no photos.

We took friends with us, and while they were out tubing,


the neighbors were having a fire, that they didn’t seem too worried about,



While a deer stood by and watched… 


do you see the deer? — He’s off to the right.


Charlie was there too — but — no time for a picture.

I learned that something ate my entire crop of beets, kale, swiss chard, peas, carrots, and pulled the onions out of the ground and just let them lay.

The black raspberry bushes are loaded… still too green to eat.

Then, I saw how Fun Size was earning his quarters… lakeC

In the neighbor’s yard, there was a group of wild turkeys…but no picture.

And the turtles are looking for a place to lay some eggs — and it looks like it could be here,


look closely, and you will see the turtles body, under the water, with his head, poking up out of the water.

right in front of our house, in the sand…


but Fun Size says, “We are too noisy,” and he’s very upset with all of us.

And the “friends” blew up the water trampoline in no time, and have been bouncing on it… but no time for pictures. And, it’s been raining non stop. You would think, with the weather we’ve been having, that it would be a boring, uneventful day, but that’s far from the case (and there is the story about us all getting stranded)… but I have to run now, because my long, lost friend from Steamboat just walked into my kitchen… and it’s been a year since I’ve seen her!



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  1. How wonderful these summers by the lake are. So great to be able to bring friends down to share with you. (so how WAS he earning his quarters? I couldn’t see…)

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