One More Thought… Before You Drift

The new curtain over the off-centered window looks awesome….

but it still needed something else. So, while I was busy adding pom-pom fringe, I set my son to lay out the stencils on a board we had sitting in the garage.

He painted the words, and when it was dry, that artistic instinct in him knew the letters needed to be lightly sanded. (That drop cloth, by the way, hung in my Freshman dorm room, and we all signed it whenever we had something “witty” to say. Sometimes, a friend would appear at 2 a.m., knocking on our door, begging us to let her come in and sign the sheet, so that she could immortalize some brilliant insight she managed conjure up that night, before she drifted off to sleep and forgot about it. Did I tell you I’m so old that I went to college before we had paper?!)

Finally, 3 weeks later, (we’ve been busy) we finally got around to hanging “Sweet Dreams” just above the window.

I know that window looks really funky in this photo… with the light only coming through 3/4 of the panel… but in person, it looks so much like a room you’d like to, what my son calls,  be “old” in.


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