One Mom’s desperate attempt to avoid the doctor

Who would of thought that one little drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil could be so effective?

Daytime babysitters are difficult to come by, because feminine or not, daycare in this country needs a lot of help.

So, when I’m sick, I have to tote at least one child (sometimes all four) along with me. With him in tow, I suffer the waiting room drama; stop the hand as it grabs the bio-hazard stuff, look for what’s wrong in Highlights for Children, and blow the latex gloves into balloons — I will avoid this at all costs. And, with the crazy half-day kindergarten schedule, I fear that by the time I sit in the waiting room, see the nurse, and finally see the Doctor, and then finally get the meds, my kindergartner will be sitting in the principal’s office with all the other Moms who forgot their kid.

So, I try to avoid doctor’s appointments as much as I can. But, of course, I got a sinus infection. Probably because I stopped using the Neti Pot daily. So, then came the stuffy head, pain between my eyes, and burning tears. It didn’t go away when I started the Neti Pot again. In fact, it got worse. I lacked sleep; the glands around my ears burned. There must be a way to fight a sinus infection.

My child will not sit in that principal’s office. Nor, will we fight over the Bio-Hazard can. So, I put a drop of Tea Tree Oil in the salt water with the Neti pot. Tea tree oil, I learn, fights infections.

What I am about to share with you is something I did out of desperation. Do not try this at home. (Sarah, when you read this, I’m sure you’ll say it’s a very interesting theory.)

But I read once, that you can drink tea tree oil to cure a urinary tract infection. Drink it? The post said to put one drop of tea tree oil in a glass of water. Another article said that for colds, you can gargle with it.

Is it safe? It’s a plant — it’s got to be better than synthetic antibiotics, right?

So, if I drink it, how will the tea tree oil know how to move up to my head?

But, I’m willing to risk it all.

So, I drank it. One drop of tea tree oil in a glass of water.

The sinus infection was gone in 24 hours. Tea tree oil fights a sinus infection. (Plus, I cooked a lot of soups and drank lots of tea to build my immune system too.)

I cured this sinus infection before it moved to my chest. And so happy my kindergartner didn’t have to sit in the principal’s office. It’s tough world for a Mom.

Tea tree oil. It’s a good thing. But like I said, do not try this at home.

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  1. Tea tree oil is pretty spiffy, but being a plant doesn’t guarantee that something is safe to ingest! I’ll check with my doctor about the bladder infection thing, since I’m really prone to them and it woul d be nice to have something in my pocket for weekends….

  2. So true, Beck, but, I was desperate. I did read that for a bladder infection, you can put a few drops in the bath — and that would do the trick. And, of course you could always gargle with it — spit it out. A lot of alternative toothpastes use tea tree oil –so it might be safe to ingest. But still, don’t try this at home.

    Zephra, tea tree is becoming so common it’s popping up in grocery stores everywhere. But you can always find it at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and of course the Internet. You only need a drop at a time — I’ve had my bottle for about 3 years now.

  3. Funny — the other day, a neighbor asked if our daughter could pick up part of a back to back babysitting gig that *her* daughter had gotten. We said no — school activity committment — but in passing, I said that since I’m retired, I could do it if she really needed it.

    Only afterward did it occur to me how odd that must have sounded…

  4. But at least you feel better. I would choose that kind of treatment over antibiotics.
    I did by the way – the apple cider vinegar did the job for me.

  5. I use all kinds of essential oils for different things (like treating ailments and for my beauty regimen). I don’t worry about my use because considering that most of humanity has used them for ages, I figure if I’m really cautious, I’ll be o.k.

  6. Cool, I get sinus problems too. I went for chinese medicine for them, icky tasting herbs, painful accupuncture, and the “clear and bland diet”. My sinus infections made natural childbirth look like floating on cotton candy. It worked, but the main thing I’ve stuck to with the diet, because when I go off it I feel my sensitive sinus acting up immediately, is to avoid all cold things. Cold beverages, cold foods, ice cream, anything cold completely aggravates my sinuses. Instead of drinking water I drink herbal tea, or steep some blueberries in hot water, or drink meat or vegetable broths when I have them around. (I’ve developed an odd fondness for lightly salted potato broth, must be my Polish blood!) When you feel your sinuses beginning to get irritated, might be worth trying, this avoidance of cold foods and beverages.

  7. I also recently had a sinus infection, also probably because I stopped flushing with my neti pot on a daily basis. So instead of another round of antibiotics I decided to used 2 drops of organic tea tree oil in my neti with salt water. I used the warmest water my nasal passage could withstand. I did this once in the morning and once at night, and within a few days my sinus were clear and pain free! I have been using my neti pot for a daily flushing and on Sunday I add 2 drops of tea tree oil. It may not be needed but I thought I would try some preventive medicine.

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  9. Ingestion of Tea Tree Oil Can cause Nerve Damage and Depression.

    Intuition alone is not a good way to live your life. Always do a little research as well.

  10. Thanks for the great thread! I’ll try the netti pot w/tea tree oil – even though you don’t recommend it ;). I have a chronic sinus infection I’m desperate to get rid of.

    As for the overly cautious (sp?) – too much water supposedly can cause water toxicity and crossing the street can get you hit by the bus. My point is; items like lavendar and tea tree oil have been put through so many tests and they have been proven that in moderation they’re safe. Don’t take the extreme warnings too much to heart.

  11. Thats fine and dandy if adult decideds to drink something like tea tree oil. But I wanted to warn everyone that it can be toxic, ecspecially to children. so do not give it to your children. One child went into a coma after drinking tea tree oil. I know this cause my toddler got a hold of it, and we had to go to the ER. The dr’s said it turns into a gas in your body, and could be breathed into the lungs causing pneumonia.

  12. Never, ever do more than a single drop. It is absolutely toxic and can kill. The amount recommended for toothpastes / mouthwashes, is probably less than a drop, but it is certainly no more than that.

  13. I too have cured a very bad sinus infection while I was pregnant and the doctor did not want to give me antibiotics. He told me not to blow my nose and if I did to do so very gently one nostril at a time. He also gave me saline spray. But what I did on my own was putting a few drops of eucalyptus oil and a drop or two of tree oil into a huge bowl of steaming water and steam my face 2-3 times a day. Amazingly, it went away. I’m doing this again as I have a bad cold right now and feel like it’s turning into a sinus infection. Hopefully it works again!

  14. I just tried drinking 1 drop of tea tree oil and it made my sinuses WORSE! The only thing that seems to really help is drinking Apple Cider Vinegar (the Bragg’s brand) 2 tablespoons in 8 ounces of water 3 times a day. If you have sinus problems, that remedy really seems to thin the mucus and help!

  15. im about to try tea tree oil in my sinus rinse…head cold sinuses are the worst especially when you live in texas with the nasty humidity…. hope this works

  16. Ingesting tea tree oil has received a lot of bad press. For all those saying it is toxic, have you actually read the very few studies that state tea tree oil is toxic? Probably not, as these studies state TTO was found to be toxic to humans in amounts that were insane, like drinking a half glass of pure TTO! Most EO’s are toxic in these amounts, not just TTO. No study has found TTO to be toxic in very diluted amounts – I take 3 drops in a 12 oz glass of H2O regularly & have never experienced anything but positive results.I suggest knowing the facts, either through multiple studies conducted by IMPARTIAL researcher or your own experience. Be smart, be discerning, and seek your own truths.

  17. The neti-pot is great, but rather than put the oil in the neti, it is best to complete the action of the flushing and then to follow with applying some of the oil into the nostrils. Check it out!

  18. Has no one ever heard of D.A.G. solution? Completely natural disinfectant made of Phenolated Iodine in Irish Moss Extract with Organic Borates. Look it up on Google. A few drops (doesn’t sting) in my nose stops sinus problems, and you can use it safely for many things. I use it regularly in my nose, ears and eyes. The bottle stinks of iodine though, and I keep it wrapped in tinfoil and in my garage.

  19. DO NOT DRINK Tea tree oil. It is toxic even in small amounts. You can use it for inhalations. If you read up on tea tree oil you’ll see that there are levels of toxicity in it. Don’t drink it. Use it for other uses. Even using it as a homemade mouthwash can be risky because sometimes you can drink bits of it. Drinking it can cause coma, vomiting, diarrhea and a slew of other problems. There are other essential oils that there are no questions of toxicity. As far as researchers being partial, it is the control group that shows these symptoms. That isn’t being partial, that is pure, hard evidence. Even homeopaths don’t advise you to drink it. If you want to avoid a doctor at all cost, go take your money and see a homeopath. They’ll lead you in the right direction with the right concentration.

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