One Little Piece of Advice: For Fall

I can remember the crunchy sweetness of the baker’s sugar against my teeth when I bit into a dark molasses cookie – not gingerbread, richer and deeper than that. The kind of sophisticated taste that went very well with, “a nice dry red wine,” the baker assured me.

She was right.

It was a fall night, just the beginning of a chill in the air, and her hair was straight in a bob, that just touched the top of the turtleneck of her black cabled sweater.

With a comfy, chic sweater like that… it could be Autumn any time of year.

I know it’s still hot out, but fall is coming… and as sad as the cold, dark winter is – go out and get yourself a nice, comfy beautiful sweater, and put it away. Save it for a dreary, cold day.




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