Nourishing Soup at 10:30 on a Summer Friday Night

Remember that chicken broth that simmered in the crockpot all winter?  I’m so glad to have it today. I spent most of the week sitting in doctors offices, filling out forms, waiting in barber shops, and going in and out of stores looking for the right pair of soccer cleats, running shoes, and that box fan for college — while my mind is spinning thinking about what else is on my to-do list that is not getting attention. Meanwhile, people stop and ask me, out of the blue, are you going to miss him. Can’t go there today. but the seed is planted.
Yes, on this hot summer night, I pulled out a jar of that broth and started simmering it, swirling in about three eggs after the broth started to boil, adding a few dashes of soy sauce. The finishing touch, was adding freshly picked parsley and basil, straight from the garden.

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