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I have been reading that I am not alone in my attraction to the Mormon housewives blogs. It appears that many people are drawn to their web pages because they make parenting seems so effortless, beautiful, and smooth sailing.

Here, on this blog, you will find quite the opposite. Life is not idyllic, calm and peaceful, and there is no time to knit – in fact I can’t imagine sitting around knitting.

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Case in point: While in Las Vegas, trying to forget the situation with Rosie back home, a text comes through my phone, this time, as I am sitting on the terrace watching the water fountain display at the Bellagio.


“I can’t find Ruri.”

Then I realize, that Ruri hasn’t responded to a single text of mine all day long. I had discounted it, blamed it as “what-cool-teenager-in-his-right-mind-is-going-to-respond-to-his mom’s-goofy-tourism-texts-and-photos?”

(I later learned, I was actually dead-on correct.)

My hands start to sweat.  I calculate how quickly I can catch a plane to get home. So, I immediately start a group text with all of Ruri’s friends/parents that I just happened to have in my phone. (Tip: You may not learn this from the Mormon housewives blogs, but let me make it clear: Gather as many numbers from your kid’s friends and parents. You never know when you may need them.)

Not a single person has seen him since school.

As soon as I hit send on the text, a thought popped into my head.

I texted that babysitter again, and offered, “Do you think he might be asleep somewhere, like maybe on the third floor in our bedroom?”

“Yes,” he responded a few seconds later. “He was asleep in your bed, because Rosie puked in his bed.”

Yes… of course.

No time to knit…

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  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself…you make parenting look pretty easy to me. I have long ago given up measuring up to your creativity, home cooked meals, and organic solutions. You need to give yourself more credit! You are an amazing mom!

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