Not So Simple Syrup As A Mixer For That Raspbery Mint Julep

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a black raspberry-laced Mint Julep on a blistery, hot end-of-summer day.


Or Margarita, depending upon your preference.  But when mixing your own, for your own backyard BBQ, there’s always that issue about the simple-syrup or cordial.  I’ve never liked the idea of adding those grocery-store mixers, laden with corn syrup, sugar or other sweeteners.  This summer at the lake we experimented with using the Raspberry-flavored Ginger Bug Soda as the “mixer.”


Wow. And with fresh black raspberries popping every day, it was hard to resist.


This was the perfect blend — combined with the supply of fresh mint we found growing along the edge of the lake.


After playing around, quite a bit, here’s the recipe we used.

Raspberry Flavored Mint Julep

Muddle mint leaves, fresh raspberries with Ginger Bug, and pour over ice.



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One comment on “Not So Simple Syrup As A Mixer For That Raspbery Mint Julep
  1. Hmmm. Summer is coming here. Tomorrow it willl be 23C and that julep sounds inviting. The drink I discovered over last summer here in Aus, was the Caipirinha. I heartily recommend you give it a try..

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