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A collection of conversations heard throughout our house…

Mom, he kicked me.”

“No I didn’t!!! He ran into my foot when I had it up in the air.”

“I’m sad that I picked this toy out. I don’t like it anymore, and it has my teeth marks all over it, so I can’t return it.”

In our own Final Four… we won.

But it was CLOSE. As much as I try to pretend that it is just a game, and that I will forget all about this the minute I walk out of the gym… I am sweating during these games. There are moments when I don’t even think to breathe. This was one of those games. Because, mainly, I didn’t want to deal with the aftermath if things went sour. I’m lazy like that.

In dance club this year, the instructor said…”And why do we slow dance???? So that we can talk…. Find out three things about your partner.”

Except this year, those teenagers were crazy! They were jumping our of line, switching partners, and keeping partners they did like, LONGER THAN THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO… They were a bunch of monkeys!

In the car, one boy to a classmate:
“Have you heard that song Fireflies?”
“Yeah… I love that song.”
“It’s new… it’s a brand new song.”
“No, it’s not new… it’s been out.. for about an hour.”

In other sports,

we were not so lucky this year.

“Milk comes from two things: Cows and melted ice cream.”
“Where does ice cream come from?”

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