Name The Date: We’ll Make it Christmas

I could not fathom how people could celebrate Christmas, full of the same expectation and joy that accompanies Advent, after Christmas. Some families, because relatives live out of state or travel or work constraints, decide to celebrate Christmas post-holidays — and hearing about those gatherings, I expected those celebrations to have a gray cast over them… full of the post-holiday bleakness that accompany stale cookies, broken candy canes, and the blah of January.

Yet, Christmas, can somehow overcome those constraints, no matter what the date, shinning just as brightly as December 24 — even in dreary January.  This was the first chance we had to celebrate Christmas at the lake.

Santa had already left behind our decorated mini tree, fully decorated with our “lake” ornaments and presents. (Chicago trip– without the kids.)

Along with presents, Santa added to our collection of lake-friendly animal ornaments.

I have no idea what that Elephant is doing there… there are no elephants at the lake, but I’m sure our boys know something about that.

There was enough snow to make a giant snowman,

And a mini smaller one who wore a hat:

The snow lasted “just long enough”  for sledding.

Not bad for a bleak January Christmas.


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