My Sweet Reward


It’s been a tough week. Facing death’s sting, coming to terms with the limits we have in this physical world, watching the end of childhood, and cold, bleak weather that makes me want to stay home and never go outside again.

This morning, like so many others, I woke to the sound of wooden Brio train tracks clinking as they were being built by little hands. I realized how thankful I am to hear that sound. Little boys jumping out of bed as soon as they wake, heading downstairs in their jammies to build some new rail system they dreamed up over the night. Little hands grasping for toys. Even though I fall apart under the demands of these boys some days, I’m so grateful… I just don’t want to see it end.

Yes, I realize that they’re all sleeping now, and no one is fighting, whining or asking me for a single thing. Still, it’s great to not be alone. I love the journey with these guys.

Not following the rules today for Wordless Wednesday. Maybe life’s just too short…

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18 comments to “My Sweet Reward”
  1. That is a beautiful picture.

    Treasure every moment…that’s the lesson I’m learning. The days pass so quickly. My not-so-tiny-anymore baby is nearing eight months old. How is that possible??!

  2. Some of my favorite photographic moments are when they’re sleeping. There’s something magical about them when they’re dreaming, a peace that seems to be so distant during the day when they’re noisy and busy and inyourface.

    Like you, I wouldn’t change a thing. No matter how harried things get around here because of them, I can’t imagine our world without them. I can’t imagine not being able to train my lens (Nikon 85mm f/1.8 on a D80) on them after they’ve drifted off for the night.

    Love the way you write, btw. So relatable…

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