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This is my cry to Mother Nature to make it rain. When it doesn’t rain, I feel like we’re being betrayed. A betrayal of Mother Nature. Here at the lake, it looks like a big storm will kick up any minute — and then it blows away. The corn is too short, growing in dirt as dry as concrete. The grass is like straw that crunches when you walk on it. Summer is supposed to



bring us a carpet of green to carry our bare feet, and be the backdrop for lazy summer days of lying on your back, deciding which cloud formations make a bunny. Even the trees are dry, as they almost weep trying to stand in the dry heat. A few weaker branches are so dry they snap off in a light breeze. I’m sure I could locate over 100 web sites that would scientifically explain that the reason for this dry climate is due to global warming and pollution. It hurts to think of it that way – an earth so full of pain that it can’t even cry.
But what I really miss is the thunderstorms. A really good afternoon storm, complete with thunder and lightning, with a power outage. A storm that makes you just a little bit scared, so that I have the chance to explain to my boys, like my Mom did for me, that God is just moving his furniture. And that smell – you know the smell that comes after a heavy electrical storm? I miss that.


The plants need the rain. The earth needs the rain. And I’m one of the worriers – I think about all those people doing amateur fireworks, and all the fire hazards. And, not that it’s that important, but I wonder what squirrels do for water when it’s dry. And we’re so out of balance. There are other places that have too much rain. But my Dad always said, you have to look at the big picture. Things really aren’t as bad as they seem — if you take a look around. So, tell me. I’m stuck up here with no TV, no newspaper. What’s it doing in your corner of the globe? Show me that maybe it is all balanced, and this is just a temporary glitch in the system. But for now, I guess there’s nothing better to do than just have a balloon fight with the boys.






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11 comments to “Rain Dance In Prose”
  1. Come on over! It has been raining here for the past month and will be like this for the next 3 months. When there would be thunder, my Mom or Dad would tell me that God was bowling “up there.”
    Now that balloon fight looks exciting.

  2. If it’s comfort we’ve had six cold weeks of rain in Germany, when we should have had summer sun and high temperatures. We have been to the pool once, when usually we should be going a few times a week. I’m slightly envious of your warmth and sun.

  3. Ditto here, rain for days. Tat said, I grew up in a desert and the dry earth is something I know well, miss dearly.

    This was, as per your usual, a beautiful post.

  4. We’ve been having our fair share of rain – the odd storm and some great sunny days to balance it all.

    This week we had rain from Sunday – Tuesday and the weekend ahead is supposed to be a scorcher. Where I live, we don’t get a lot of rain, but we’re normal as for rainfall so far.

    I hope you get some rain soon. I too would worry about the amateurs setting off fireworks….*G*!

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  6. welcome to global warming i suppose! we need it here to…i miss waling in it with my daughter…but don’t miss being housebound either!


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