My husband loves me so much…

he walks beside me while I run. Many of you know that my husband competes in Ironmans, and that I prefer that other exercise, Yoga; which I just found out burns between 400-1200 calories per class for Hot Yoga, and 275 calories, for Hatha Yoga/per hour. (I will hear not another word about Yoga not really being exercise. Again.)

But, one day, last fall, don’t ask me why, I got this itch to host Thanksgiving dinner for my family. But first, we’d all run the Turkey Trot together. The 5 mile race, that’s the undisputed “Way to Begin Thanksgiving Day.” I love to eat — so I figured the race would give me a free pass to all the second helpings of Pie I wanted. Plus, you actually win a pie and a can of whipped cream!!

But there was still that issue of actually crossing the finish line, so that I could make it back to the table before the Pie was gone.

And just imagine the fun we’d all have — running that race, in a big group — me, my brother, his wife, his son, his wife, my husband, our friends — and my kids cheering us on!! What fun!!

During the weeks of training, I learned pretty quickly that even though yoga did give me a strong core, I hated running. But not to fear, I have my Ironman husband to train me. He created a training schedule for me; and he took me out to run, gave me all the tips on whether it’s better to take big or little strides, and we started. But running hurts everywhere. I hated it — every time.

Even though I’m so slow at it my husband needs to WALK beside me, he stays with me — all the way. Race day comes upon us, and, which I’ve blogged about here, but here are the highlights:

  • Only one person out of our group is left with me after the first 3 minutes.
  • She doesn’t let me “walk” for any part of the race — even when she stops to tie her shoes.
  • She beats me. Everyone in our group beat me.
  • The pies were gone by the time I crossed the finish line.
  • My husband ran the race, got his pie, got some coffee, and met up with me to run across the finish line with me.
  • I did run across the finish line.
  • He gave me his pie, and I ate lots of it.

So, it’s Turkey Trot Training time again.

  • My husband: Are you ready to start training again?
  • Me: Yeah — when I get settled with the kids’ school schedules
  • My Husband: Skip it. I just don’t think running’s your thing.
  • Me: (Thinking: Yes — he’s right. I want to skip it… but I love pie)
  • Me: I’m training — and I’m going to beat my brother this year.


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  3. I love, love, love running- but I stopped a few years ago due to something or other. But I miss it. You know, it’s so hot down here in FL that I am really thinking of getting a treadmill… hm, maybe for my birthday?!
    You go, girl!

  4. Go for it! I tried running the other day on one of my walks and I could barely do it – now that being said I am on a weight loss journey and far from my ideal weight. Everything hurt – even my feet in good shoe with orthopedic inserts…..ahhhhhhh! Why is it then that my dream still is to run a marathon – am I nuts? Or is it that my measuring stick for achieving the ideal fitness level? I have no idea.

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