My flu-fighting arsenal

The day I left, a letter came home from the middle school… along with the rumors: Twenty (confirmed? who knows) cases of H1N1 at the middle school. After talking with the kids doctor, I realized the only option I had was to pump up their immune system so they can fight against H1N1. The day I left, I stocked the pantry with these items:


  1. Oil of Oregano: One gel capsule each day, as a preventative.
  2. Cinnamon Essential Oil. (See item 3) : 10 drops in 1/4 a cup of vegetable oil.  Stir, and keep until virus strikes.  When it does, rub a bit on the tummy, and glands around the neck. Penetrates through the skin. Cinnamon oil is known for its virus-killing properties. To be used only if flu strikes.
  3. Peppermint Essential Oil: Add 10 drops to number 2 above. Peppermint Oil helps to settle the stomach and penetrates through the skin. To be used only if flu strikes.
  4. Astragulus: One capsule per day, as a preventative.
  5. Emergen-C: One pack each morning, as a preventative.
  6. Ingenium Hand Sanitizer: Portable, and safe.
  7. Oscillococcinum for Flu: Homeopathic flu remedy. My pediatrician’s exact words: “I can’t scientifically tell you it works; but I use it, and it works fast.” To be used only if flu strikes.

I also added Black Elderberry Extract for that cough… and research says it minimizes flu symptoms by half.

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