My Favorite No-Time To Workout Workout

Pinterest is flooded with quick workouts you can do inside — all claiming to burn hundreds of calories in just a few minutes. I’ve tried most of them. There is one from Prevention that claims you will shrink a size in 14 days, and I don’t see how that is possible. Maybe it’s because I do lots of yoga… but I thought that workout routine was merely the warm-up — where was the elevated heart rate?

There is one routine that I simply love… (or hate, in the moment)… however you want to put it. It’s fast, and it’s customizable for any level, time constraint, or energy level you have at the moment. And, because of the amount of sweat that accumulates on my belly and spine, I know I’m burning calories.

Here is the workout:


Now — depending on the fitness level you’re at, you can customize this workout recipe to suit you — maybe you start with 25 jumping backs, and go down from there — and that is the best part! You GO DOWN FROM THERE!!! Once you’ve hit the first set of jumping jacks, it’s mentally so much easier to go back and do it again, because you’ll be doing less each time. Psychologically that works for me.

The beauty of this workout recipe is that it’s easy to memorize… perfect for when you are travelling, or you just can’t get onto your computer to find it. And doing this workout takes very little room — you can do pull this off in a hotel room — and get quite a bit more sweat than you can on any exercise machine. I also like it because it adds variety — you really aren’t doing the same thing that many times — and so quick. Pick a start number, and you’re done.

And no, I don’t add the run for ten minutes at the end. Too cold!!!

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