My Favorite Backpack

The first rule of crutches is — no purses. You can’t have a purse dangling off your arm, bumping your crutches. A backpack is the way to go. But finding a stylish backpack is not as easy as it sounds. Stores don’t carry them — at least here. They are utilizing the spare retails shelves for cross body bags, totes, and clutches.

So online shopping, I headed… mind you, I’ve been looking since March. My first find has actually turned out to be awesome. This Tom Clovers backpack

is shiny leather that has just enough room to hold my iPad, and is perfect for client meetings. I totally love this bag, and could see me using it as a travel bag to carry through the airport when traveling.

But I still needed a backpack to tote around the house, from room to room, carrying essentials, like floss, comb, socks — and for a quick run to the store.

I tried canvas backpacks, fake leather, nylon – still nothing. I have bought several, not realizing the color wasn’t right – until I finally found this one…

This red Italian leather backpack is a convertible… which means, it doesn’t always have to be a backpack. It can switch around and be a shoulder bag, and or cross body bag.

It’s soft genuine leather, and the red is gorgeous.

I’m not sure why women don’t demand to carry backpacks — it’s perfect for taking the weight off your arms, and especially appealing to moms with young children who need to carry so much stuff — and hold toddler’s hands? In fact, mothers should be demanding that every diaper bag function, at least with the option, as a backpack.

Anyway — to all of you asking where I found this gorgeous red backpack — here is the link — which is a steal for $49.95 — free shipping!



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