My Climbers

This is a typical scene in my house.


It usually means several things. One, they’ve figured out a way to reach something they wanted. Two, they have found either the Elf, or the candy. And, third, I will have to clean my closet it again.

My boys, all four of them, were born as toddlers — not babies. They walked, very well, by the age of 9 months. Climbed up the stairs, easily at 4 months. Could climb out of the crib before they were 1 year old. It’s been a hectic 11 years chasing them, and keeping them safe. You will typically find my dining room chairs, upside down, on the dining room table. This was a safety measure — until they figured out how to take the chairs off the table themselves — so I worried about safety, and put them back down.

When I go to the public park to play on the playground, I’m the one who gets “the look” from the other Moms, because I let my children climb, which seems to encourage her, not-so-good-at-climbing-son, to try the same things. I never panic when I see my boys climb — I know they know what they’re doing. But the other Moms in the park do enough of that for me. The other Dads — they’re fine with it too.

I will not say this in writing — but I will imply that they have had great luck as climbers — if you get my drift. This video, on You Tube, pretty much explains what they’re like.

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12 comments to “My Climbers”
  1. After having a boy myself, I don’t know how mothers of boys have lived on earth without having heart attacks. My son gets hurt, often badly, so often! My daughter always sat in one place and was such an angel. Not Tank. He’s a sweetie, but I have to carefully watch him at all times.

  2. Wow, all 4 of your boys where like that, nutty! My eldest was a brazen climber, and I got the looks. My second one is more cautious, but the early walker. But 4 of those early walkers and climbers, that’s alot of energy around there!

  3. I loved the video. I played it twice through…the song selection is fabulous.

    I have a climbing girl. She is slightly cautious though, so I don’t worry to much. She does climb stuff to get where she wants though….like in her high chair. I never put her in there anymore. She climbs in and says “Yum Yum” when she wants fed. LOL….

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