Mudroom/Entryway Transformation

I could post only pictures — and they would completely tell the story. Of how I went from a wire shelving system, with baskets,

to plain, old basic hooks.

Keeping four boys organized, with lots of gloves and gear that never really fit on hooks has kept me with the basket method for years. But now, the boys are older and able to keep better track of their stuff. So — I’m switching to hooks — and couldn’t be happier.

As you are looking through these pictures, many of you will say — why didn’t you just add more cubbies? And why don’t you have the hooks over here — etc., etc.  On the surface, it would make more sense to have a bank of cubbies, tall with individual hooks.

Except — the room has to do triple duty. First of all –, it must house the foosball table, which the boys love to play. There is no room ink the basement (as the finished basement is divided up into individual rooms that are small — each one already serving a purpose — office, TV, furnace, laundry, bathroom, etc.)

The second duty — is it is now holding a piano — and two of us are quite good at playing — and do it often.

Third — it’s a mudroom — and I wanted a place to sit when taking off boats – etc. So, I squeezed in a bench that is tall enough to hold two baskets underneath for shoes.

I also used these old orange crates — truly vintage from the 1940s, which were my moms. Wish I had more! I used those to hold some shoes — the basket system is still here, but very modified.

The way I have everything configured is maximized down to the last square inch of floor space — so that there is room to play foosball, play the piano and put on a pair of sneakers.

And the hooks extend the room, by giving me wall space.

Oh — and the rug — a dreary sisal rug that’s perfect for holding tracked in dirt. But — after ready a few posts about painting sisal,   I grabbed two $3.00 cans of spray paint and went to town. In less than three hours, it was all spiffed up.


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