Morning Tea For A Certain Place In Time

In the morning, I often find myself drawn to the back of the lake house, away from the water. At first I resisted and focused my eyes on the water, to see which fishermen were out, spotting the swans, and to just watch the ripples. After all, that’s what a lake house is all about, isn’t it, the water? Maybe not all the time.

There’s just as much not to miss in the back of the house. Lately, I’ve been following my impulse to go to the back, first thing in the morning. I grab my flip flops and open the door and look behind to see which flowers have opened, how many blackberries have ripened overnight, and to see what the rabbits left behind for me in my pitiful, rodent-infested garden.

Since the day I arrived, a bitter cold made a home inside of my head and has now dropped down to my chest. Could be allergies? Either way, my immune system is knocked out trying to fight it off. Thyme is good for respiratory things — that herb is an old friend and has nursed me back from the brink of bronchitis many times over the decades. Thyme is one of the things thriving in our garden, as the rabbits don’t seem to like it much.

So, I picked some, hoping it will once again rise to the challenge and bring me back to health. Then, I added some fresh black raspberries. The birds were not happy to find me fidgeting in their paradise. I carried my foraged goodies back to the cottage, rinsed them off, steeped some water, and added the thyme and black raspberries to my cup. I threw in my tea bag of black tea, and the juice of lemon. And here’s an idea, I found on Pinterest from Dr. Oz — I threw in some ground flaxseed.

As I waited for the tea to brew, I realized how spoiled I am to have access to such luxuries — fresh thyme (what I wouldn’t have given to have this fresh herb back in bleak January when I was fighting a cold then?!), fresh black raspberries, and a lake to look at while I drink. But, then, that’s what makes this tea memorable. You can only make it for a little while, in a certain place in time.

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