More toy recalls coming mattels timing and does my child have lead poisioning

With all the news about toy with lead,  toys that create choking hazards, the prized Aqua Dots toy causing comas, and now sock monkeys have needles in them, I’m looking for some safe alternatives for toys this Christmas. To fight back, parents will be writing letters to Congress in an effort to bring back the days of safe shopping. In the meantime, here are some safe alternatives to the hazardous toy nightmare:

  1. Make your own Sock monkeys


  2. Give great memories


    Picture Frames filled with photos of your child with his best friends, playing his favorite sport, or with Mom and Dad.

  3. Make a poster of your child.


    Pottery Barn Teen is selling large sports posters for kids rooms. Take this one step further, and have a photo of your child blown up poster size for his own room.

  4. Magazine Rack.


    You’re constantly telling her to clean her room, so give her the tools to do it. This magazine rack came from Pottery Barn Teen.

  5. Bulletin Board


    A Bulletin Board already loaded with their favorite memories.

  6. Magnets/Thumbtacks


    Turn your child’s small wooden blocks, match box cars, starfish, or hair barrett’s into thumbtacks with epoxy glue and a package of magnets. You could also buy a small package of wooden letters at a craft store to use for magnets.

  7. A Scapbook


    Kids love to hear about themselves. Put together a simple Scrapbook of their life so far. One for them to keep, in their own room.

  8. Yarn Dolls


    You can also make these as boys — I’m thinking of a green Buzz Lightyear. Very easy and simple to make. A sibling could make this as a present for the other sibling.

I know I am merely scratching the surface here. Hopefully, this will inspire you to come up with new ideas. Don’t forget to join the great letter writing campaign to Congress via the Consumers Union in the “Get the Lead Out This Holiday Season” campaign. Twelve Days of Safe Shopping, November 23 to December 4.

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