Momzillas and my drive to the lake

I’m still at the lake, but I have to share with you about the book on tape I listened to — BY MYSELF– on the way here. We took two cars to the lake, and my husband took all the boys — and I had the blessed event of 3 hours in the car ALONE.momzilla.jpg God love me. So, dashed to the library, and picked up ADULT books on tapes. I just grabbed them. This one — Momzillas —I love. I was laughing all the way to the lake.It’s all too familiar for those jet-setters– the stress of trying to find the right preschool for your toddler because doing so, will “secure their chance to attend Yale.” And investing $3,000 in the pacifier specialist, because “delayed speech will ruin your child’s future.”

But what makes this book keep you laughing, instead of barfing, is Jill Kargman’s (the author) ability to reveal the self-doubts of Hannah Allen that inevitably come up in all of us when we are put in an environment of wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s bound to get to us — even if we’re completely secure in our beliefs — we’re bound to have those moments of self-doubt. And, when it comes to our children, we always want what’ best. But this book, keeps it all balanced, and in perspective. Love it.

And, I’ve been fooling around with photos: 


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