Moms With A Camera: What It’s All About

I’ll tell you what it’s about. I’ve been sitting in stadium bleachers, riverbanks, woods and tracks for quite a few years now, with my camera, holding steady up to my eye, catching everything. Over the years, my lens has shifted… I once took photos of all the “great moments” the scores — searching for something to fill a picture frame, or a memory book — for him.DSC_0358001

Now, I take the pictures for me — for the moms that might want some of their own kids.DSC_0226003


Because what we are witnessing here is not so much a narcissistic mom view, of “look what my kid just did!”  What we are watching is an unfolding… of watching little boy backyard games provide a place for growing bodies to flourish… to learn their limits, to learn new skills.  DSC_0293004And what we are watching is how these little boys are growing up, and becoming men, right before our eyes. We watch the camaraderie build among the teammates… we watch respect develop for a coach. All of it is a miracle.


This is what makes school sports so fascinating. It’s not about the game — it’s about witnessing life, unfolding right in front of our eyes. This is what we are watching through our lenses — through our eyes… and we never grow tired of this show.



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