Mom, Do You Still Feel Lonely?

The boy, wearing the same bathing suit costume as last year, spied a turtle. Or more than one, for that matter. He camped out on the hill, net in hand, for hours… stalking the turtle.

The turtle, you see, could “hear him,” if he got too close to the water.

Once again, he could be in the house, and he would “hear” the turtle approaching shore, and he would, immediately hit the door, and run outside to try to make his catch.

As always, the turtle would disappear… quickly… it’s amazing how fast these turtles can move. It was a bit sad to watch…

Finally, he met success.

Proudly, he kept the turtle in the sand for several hours.

A girl turtle. “Mom? Do you still feel lonely? Because, now you have a girl around… you’re not the only boy anymore.”

That was, until he let her go at the end of the day.


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2 comments to “Mom, Do You Still Feel Lonely?”
  1. How could he tell? I still feel lonely sometimes, waiting on the daughter-in-law of my dreams. (i can wait) Then the grand daughters! The place looks great, actually dreamy to me. LOVE to all of you Owen’s.

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