Mom, Can You Bring My Belt To the Car?

Whatever compelled that high school senior to think he could actually hide outside, with a squirt gun, and go undetected in a house full of four boys this morning, was sorely mistaken. 

imageHe was promptly spotted, and the words, “get your bathing suit on!” were the signal that this was indeed a real attack. image

Senior tag has begun.   Your mission is to surprise your opponents with a water gun attack.image

  • Carry squirt guns and be ready at all times. 
  • They will be coming after you too
  • You are only safe on school property
  • You are safe during school hours only — the second school is released, you’re vulnerable
  • You are safe whenever you are in your bathing suit and no shoes
  • The prize? The team wins $1500
  • This doesn’t stop till the end of the year. 


Needless to say, my senior walked out of the house today in his bare feet in a bathing suit and proceeded to get dressed in the car. 



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