Midnight Showers

When the sun appears, we are a bit more sleepy than usual. Our real fun happens after 11 pm, when the sun finally sets, and the sky lights up like a planetarium. We sit back in our boat seat and look up. The Perseid meteor showers have returned. There is no other option than to take the kids with us, as we know that sleep can wait, and this is a better science lesson than any text book could deliver. Kids, ages 7-15 sit in the boat with grownups, without electronics, joining the chorus of “Ohhhh and ahhhhs” that sweep over the boat ever few minutes.

Sometimes, by the time you’ve heard a squeal, you’re too late to look where they’re looking — because the streak will be gone already. But every once in a while, you’ll get one that lasts, and lasts, and lasts, and everyone sees it at the same time. More fun than a MilkyWay candy bar.

2 comments to “Midnight Showers”
  1. I’ve only seen shooting stars once, in France, it was the most wonderful experience. we all lay down in the road to look up at the shower. A friend snapped a pic of us all. Too funny!

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