Menorrhagia: What Works in Less Than 24 Hours

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The Mayo Clinic defines Menorrhagia as the medical term for menstrual periods in which bleeding is abnormally heavy or prolonged. Which I have. It’s a medical condition not to be ignored. It can lead to death.

The Christmas-present ablation I scheduled would have safely and securely eliminated the entire problem. I don’t think there has ever been a girl anywhere, except for me, who went skipping to the surgery center — not with Christmas visions of Sugar Plums, but with visions of tossing tampons and pads out, and donating unopened packages (which I have stashed everywhere for emergencies) to younger, less fortunate, friends.

Except that the ablation didn’t work. I can still remember the nurse waking me up in the recovery room, and I said, “What happened! How did it go!” Except, she just lowered her head, as she tucked in my sheets, and said, “Your doctor will be in to see you,” before walking away.


After months of suffering through stomach-wrenching iron supplements, the hormonal imbalance of high-doses of birth control pills, my body was quite ready for a non-synthetic period of healing. Instead, I left with a prescription for more birth control pills.

It didn’t take long for me to get on the internet to find some alternative solution. Our great grandmothers had these problems, and they figured it out, without birth control pills — so there must be something in mother nature’s medical cabinet that can help, right?

One herb that kept popping up was Shepherd’s Purse. I started drinking the dried herbs, as a tea, along with all of the other “foods” I drink.


  • I also read about high doses of  Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
  • Vitex, or Chaste Berry — but takes several months to kick in (I have not time for that!
  • and Coriander Seeds. (Boil the seeds, and then, drinking the water, as hot as you can stand it.)

When my first period hit, post-failed ablation, I already had a ground base of shepherd’s purse tea in my system — but from the heavy flow, you would rightly assume, that it wasn’t working.

If this is you, and you are reading this to find a remedy for Menorrhagia — please call your doctor, tell her what’s going on, and she may call you in for a hemoglobin check — which you should do. You need to know where you stand. Loosing lots of blood puts a strain on your heart, and as your poor little heart pumps harder and harder to get your trickle of blood flowing, it can lead to a heart attack. So — find out what your hemoglobin is, and get it back to a normal range, if necessary, before you start treating yourself. This is what I did through several rounds of birth control pills and iron supplements, eating lots of kale and Beet Kvass.

I knew that my hemoglobin level, right before my period started, was a low 12. (Quite an improvement from 6, which I credit to daily doses of Beet Kvass!) So, I knew I had some wiggle room, and a bit of time to work with while I tried out some herbs. Maybe I needed a stronger dose of Shepherd’s Purse?

So, I called around at all the local health food stores and found a store that carried Shepherd’s Purse Extract. Nice little portable instant drops that I could put on my tongue. I started taking entire dropperfuls every hour.

(I also learned the hard way that not all Shepherd’s Purse Extracts are alike. Herb Pharm is a brand to be trusted)

I was not getting the shortness of breath I knew was dangerous, but  I could feel my heart beat pumping a tad faster, but I still knew I was in the safe zone.

Next, I bought a nice little bottle of mint-flavored Cod Liver Oil. (Geesh, what we have to go through.) I took five tablespoons of the stuff — and repeated that three more times in 24 hours. (It really, wasn’t that bad, and it is touted as one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.)

And, of course, no home remedy would be complete without trying everything — I started drinking the coriander seed “tea.”

I went to bed that night, and I did not feel too hopeful. I knew I would probably be calling my doctor in the morning and taking birth control pills, because this was not working. But, I was wrong!

I woke up in the middle of the night, and I knew things were different. Dramatically different. My heart rate was calm. My sheets were dry, and the bleeding had slowed significantly.

Except — I didn’t know which remedy was working.

The next month, I tried only the Shepherd’s Purse — and within 24 hours, learned that wasn’t enough. I started adding the coriander seed tea — still not working. I upped the dosage of Shepherd’s Purse… and finally — I gained some control over the bleeding.

The third month — I remembered the Cod Liver Oil! I had forgotten about that little power food in month 2. (Funny, how I forgot that — wonder why?!) So, this month, I am taking only the Shepherd’s Purse tincture, (every four hours, a dropper-full combined with two tablespoons of cod liver oil 3 times a day. This combination seems to be working well. In addition, throughout the entire month, I took one dropper-full of shepherd’s purse each day leading up to my period, as back-up.

So far, this is the winning miracle combination that the Grandmother’s before us must have used.

What a relief.

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  1. I have the same condition. Just came off 30 days of heavy bleeding. Dr. Now has me on birth control pills. (I’m 50) Weeaning off the pills this week and guessing the flood will be back. This is so depressing. Going to try your protocol. Could that much cod liver oil thin the blood too much?
    Thank you Thank you for the hope.

  2. I don’t know about the Cod Liver Oil Thinning the Blood… but it is very good for you. I want to add that this month, I ran out of Shepherd’s Purse, and the Cod Liver Oil worked find, in less than 8 hours, on its own. I was only taking a teaspoon every four hours…I don’t think that is a “high enough” dose to thin the blood. It does seem to stop the bleeding. It is an overwhelming battle sometimes.

  3. I have several things that work. One is avoiding things with RGBH in them. That stuff makes periods heavier.

    Ibuprofen works too. But I have to take 4 at a time, every six hours, for about the first three days to control the “great flood”.

    Red Raspberry Leaf tea, good and strong, Several swallows every couple of hours also helps. A lot. This is something I can see a measurable difference from within an hour or two. But it wears off after about 4 hours.

    Sage Tea. It really works also, about like Red Raspberry. Has to be strong, is pretty nasty tasting, and wears off in about 4-6 hours. It is also harsh on my digestive system, which is still healing from bowel disease.

    Blue Cohosh can work for some people, but it causes uterine cramping. It can have side effects, including causing hemerhoids. I can no longer take it.

    Doctors will sometimes recommend ergotrate, which works like Blue Cohosh. Can have serious side effects.

    I’ve tried Shepherd’s Purse, but could not tolerate a high enough dose to help.

    Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and Ibuprofen get my vote for effectiveness.

  4. Oh, and one more thing… Folic Acid. Three per day as soon as bleeding starts, and while flooding. It also makes a measurable difference for me.

  5. Hello, I have been bleeding almost constantly for about six years and I am so tired of it. The rare days I don’t bleed are like heaven, my doctors all know about this, tried provera, the coil, nothing worked. They tell me its just normal, that is so wrong. This morning was a lovely combo of flood bleeding + the hormonal low and crying. It took me till 4pm just to get up for a shower. I was about to demand a hysterectomy from my doctors despite knowing there are dangers with that too. Somehow I found a site where a woman stopped bleeding by taking cod liver oil, and I cried just to see how fast it worked for her. I am at the end of my tether, and if I had have had the money I would have marched right out and bought some cod liver oil right away. Can you tell me, do you take cod liver oil everyday now, and then more when you bleed – 1 tsp every four hours? When I get some, I’m going to take the 5 tbsps, anything, just anything to make it stop!!!! I’m so happy to see that it works for other people too and is not just a fluke for that lady. Thank you for your story, and I can’t wait to take cod liver oil!! Only the desperate could possibly say that!!

  6. PS did you end up using the Vitex as I was also considering using that too, for long term balancing of my hormones. I was also considering progesterone cream. Just anything cause I’m so tired right now.

  7. I have been suffering with heavy periods and prolonged bleeding for the past 2 months. I recently ran across a site that said Shepherd’s purse works wonders in stopping heavy bleeding. I picked some up today along with some others and am hoping and praying for the best. Will update you on how it works. I really wish I could couple it with the fish oil but I can’t because it can thin the blood and I am on blood thinners due to a blood clot that formed as a result of all the birth control I was taking. Prayers and positive energy please! And I’ll send the same to you all!

  8. Bought so many herbal remedies to stop this annoying bleeding, I`m all herbed out, so next I`m buying the cod liver oil, hoping to stop before my holiday to finally feel normal again, also using as from today, wild yam cream, i`m 46yrs old so definitely peri menopausal I refuse to accept surgery and the pill are the only answers to this problem.

  9. Here are several things that have worked for me as I desperately tried them not knowing what else to do: primarily Vitamin A to begin with and Vitamin K in addition. Sometimes I’ll take zinc and ibuprofen as well. I was doing well and the other evening the bleeding was out of control, to the point that I also added cinnamon to hot water as well, in addition to vitamin A, K and ibuprofen. It worked within the hour.

  10. Also, be careful with certain supplements like vitamin E, which is a natural blood thinner, even teas such as Hawthorn berry. While B12 is a good idea, do not take it during menstruation, it will create more bleeding…do this after.

  11. I have been bleeding for 60 days, sometimes really light sometimes heavy. I just started the Shepherds Purse, hoping it will end it. I also use ground cold milled Golden Flax mixed in orange juice everyday. I am almost 53, just praying for menopause to kick in.

  12. I too have had menorrhagia for a long time due to fibroids. My doctor recommend a hysterectomy for an ease for the heavy bleeding. However, I preferred to try a natural remedy. After researching, I started with the Shepherd’s Purse capsules and there was a great difference, 15 days was cut to seven menstruation. For the past month I have tried the tea and for me it is working even better than the capsules. So happy for this remedy.

  13. I am excited to be reading this! I’m only 24 but past 6 months I’ve been getting horrendous irregular heavy bleeding due to pcos. 🙁 will be giving the cod liver oil a go!!

  14. I’m 45 years old had a period for every two weeks for 7 days extremely heavy for the pass two years. I have the same problem as you had and went throughout the same surgery twice for it to not work a month a part. The Dr has suggested a hysterectomy which i’m not ready for. So now I’m take shepherd’s purse one drop full every hour. My question is do you think that is to much and is it safe to take everyday even when your not on your period?. Please help trying to get my life back….

  15. Susiej
    Your original post was 2013. Can you share how you have been feeling these past 3 years? Are these methods still working?

  16. CR, three years later, I am still suffering through mennoraghia. I had one three month respite last summer, where I did have hot flashes. I thought I was finally done , only to have it come back with a vengeance.
    Yes. I still am using shepherds purse, which works like a charm. Since then, I have also found that taking a teaspoon of tumeric in a glass of water three times a day is just as effective. I have also added dedicated liver pills to my regimene to help with anemia. Here is the brand of liver pills I take.

  17. Nana, I take a minimal amount of Sheperds purse during my non period days,and more during my period and have been doing this for four or more years, with no side effects. I have also found that taking a teaspoon of tumeric in a cup of water three times a day during my period also helps to slow down and stop the bleeding. And tumeric is a very,healthy spice with loads of health benefits.

    You must be persistent in taking these herbs consistently, more than once per day to keep the bleeding under control…and stopping the flow. It usually takes about two to three days of taking the herbs before the bleeding slows or stops. Sometimes it’s faster.

    I am now starting to feel as if the tumeric is far more powerful than the shepherds purse…much cheaper and easier to get in the spice aisle of the grocery store. But, I’m afraid to stop the shepherds purse completely because it has proven to be so effective.

    I’m so tired of this, and can’t wait to get my life back from this too! But I can imagine where I would be without these herbs/spices.

  18. I had a 145 day cycle. I started taking vitex 800mg a day on August 7, 2016 increased to 1200mg a day on August 11, 2016. Started period on August 30, 2016. It is September 9, 2016 and my period is still going. I think I took too much Vitex. Before my last period back in April 2016, I hadnt had a period since April 2015. Now I’ve been taking three dropperfuls of Sheppards purse a day since yesterday but im still bleeding. Maybe I should stop Vitex completely? How long does it take Shepherds purse to work? What is the correct dosage of sheppherds purse to take? Please help me!

  19. Vitex can be 40mg. Proof that more isnt always better. Its a long term plan.
    I’m taking shepards purse tea for 12 days before. Not during. And really strong. 3 times a day.

  20. I have experienced the miraculous power of shepherd’s purse within 48 hrs of taking the tincture 3x/day and no more menorrhagia. No more period. Still on it and I have also added Vitex and know it takes 3months to balance hormones. What I would like to ask you is how long have you been taking the shepherds purse? Is it everyday or a couple of weekw before your next period? Because this is my first menorrhagic experience, I will probably continue with the tincture until my next period just to make sure, but I’m not sure taking any herb for long durations is a good idea. I would appreciate any ideas on this matter. Thank you.

  21. I forgot to mention nettle leaf tea for iron deficiency together in a cup with rosehip ( vitamin c) Amazing!

  22. Hi i stayed with only the shepherds purse…and the first day i thought it was just a hoax… But the next morning i knew it was not. I had so much energy! And by that evening the flooding had slowed down to a river. I have had heavy bleeding for 15 years. I finally saw someone talking about shepherd purse inn a blog. I ordered the herd tea ( loose) of of Amazon said a prayer and steeped it. I’m OVERJOYED.

  23. Susie, I thought turmeric could thin the blood. Is that not right? I so appreciate your experiences. If for nothing else, you are being used to help others. Blessings to you.

  24. I am not sure if turmeric thins the blood or not — I am not a medical expert. But, as far as menorrhagia goes, turmeric works to balance the hormones, and that’s what slows the bleeding. It has worked for me — however, I just went through a situation when it did not. The reason, I learned later, was that I was taking it “cold.” I found that to be effective, turmeric must be heated, and also works more effectively if taken with some pepper. So the ideal way is through soup. Here is a research study about the affect of Tumeric on the body.


  25. I found this post after 9 months of pure misery coming off bc pills. I decided to come off because my blood pressure was getting high. Bc pills can increase your blood pressure by 15% according to my endocrinologist. I was on bc pills for many only once in 20 yrs.
    When I came off the pills I gained 10 lbs the first month. Then 10 the next:( I did not get my period for 4 months, and thought I was close to clear of no more periods. My gyno said give it 6 months. At
    month 4 the flooding began, no period for 2 months after that and I should mention I also have fibroids. Mine are in the uterus wall. Then my period came every 2 weeks! 😡
    I asked my functional doctor about it and she told me to start taking DIM (the one I take has tumeric and pepper in it). This is not a prescription. The first few days, I had a period. She said it’s common because you are shedding excess estrogen. Hmmm? Sounded silly to me but I kept going with it. I then had the longest time without spotting and had a 21 day cycle. That is a bc pill cycle. My gyno prescribed Cyklocapron for heavy bleeding which works, but you have to take it every 4hrs.
    I’ve heard maca and Shepard’s purse are good for fibroids and regulating bleeding. I’ve added maca but in small doses, with no noticeable change. I’ve already been taking liver oil so that wasn’t helping either, although I may up the dose next cycle to try.
    I am scheduled to get an ablation as well but my gyno said it probably won’t work! I figured I’d try because I’m not ready for the partial hysterectomy he keeps suggesting.
    This has been a huge life changer for me. I hate the unpredictability and extra clothes in my car.
    I’ve been so tempted to back on bc pills but I know it’s not the right decision. I guess we keep pushing to find natural remedies that work for us. I know if I told my gyno DIM was helping, he’d probably just say my period is just finally levelling off! Lol!

  26. My story is similar to yours, and I have a 7 cm fibroid.
    I´m starting turmeric – Golden Paste – now. May turmeric be taken during periods? It´s delicious, hope it works!
    I´ve taken Cotton Roots tea, I´ve read it stops cloting, but after some time going well clots came back.
    A nightmare. It was the same with Shepherd´s Purse: at first it seemed to fix 100%, then it started to fail, and it was not possible to know if I was taking too much, or too little…
    I´m very anemic, I´ll try nettle leaf tea, let´s see.

    I will also look for coriander seed…
    red raspberry leaves… even cod liver oil… 🙁

  27. Hi,
    I have a bottle of cod liver oil and each pill contains:2500 IU vitamn A. Can you help me with how many pills should I take to stop a heavy period?
    Thank you

  28. Susie I don’t understand how many IU of vitamin A did you take in your cod liver ? I don’t know how many pills (yes,I have pills for now) should I take if mine is 2500IU of vitamin A. Thank you

  29. That is a great question — for your doctor. Show her/him exactly what you are taking, and she may want to do a blood level test to determine what safe levels are in your case.
    In the meantime, I would focus on taking Turmeric — the spice form in the grocery store aisle is perfect — in warm milk, along with some black pepper. Tumeric is absorbed best when it has fat, is warm and has some spice with it — so try cayenne pepper if you like. I take my turmeric in black Chai tea, with a bit of black paper and cayenne.

    Shepherd’s Purse is another good herb to stop the flow, without disrupting Vitamin A levels.

  30. I came off 37 days of menorrhagia on 2nd Feb with vitex dose of 800 mg per day for 3 days. Other things I followed included :
    *Ensuring clean bowels
    *Drinking lot of water
    *Keeping acidity at bay
    to allow body to breakdown and flush out excess estrogen.
    *Increasing iron and vitamin C intake in the form of lemon and amla juice daily. This helps in healing.
    Also reduced physical activities to bare minimum.
    My understanding is that a holistic approach to managing hormones helps best and not just the herbs.
    My doctor has asked me to add an exercise regime that includes 20 min of brisk walking and some yoga. Exercise works miracles in balancing hormones.
    Identifying individual cause of Hormonal imbalance is also very important. Mine is lack of sleep. So I need to sleep well. It could be any form of physical or mental stress. And the root cause must be dealt with for long term effects.
    Happy hormones to all.

  31. Oh and 2 more things, eating less processed and more natural food such as whole gains, sprouted pulses, fresh fruits instead of juice.
    Secondly, consuming yoghurt to add good bacteria (helps clear estrogen). Fermented foods give the same benefits.

  32. I began making the shepherds purse tean and it helps along with DIM and Calcium D Glucarate. I also use Emerita progesterone cream and this combo is keeping me out of the emergency room.

  33. Someone please help!! 9 weeks straight bleeding..I’m 50 and already been to ER…had 2 Iron infusions. Started raw, vegan juicing, sherpherd’s tea, nettle tea, douching with shepherd’s purse,, Anna’s wild cream…NOTHING is slowing this blood flow..NOTHING. Don’t want the pill or hysterectomy…but I’m close to going back to ER..but they won’t do anything..just don’t want to die of heart attack…HELP

  34. Blackstrap molasses!!!! Organic unsuphured tablespoon a Day everyday. Second/third month your period Will be BETTER!!!!!! Just dont take i with caffeine.

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