Menorrhagia: What Works in Less Than 24 Hours

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The Mayo Clinic defines Menorrhagia as the medical term for menstrual periods in which bleeding is abnormally heavy or prolonged. Which I have. It’s a medical condition not to be ignored. It can lead to death.

The Christmas-present ablation I scheduled would have safely and securely eliminated the entire problem. I don’t think there has ever been a girl anywhere, except for me, who went skipping to the surgery center — not with Christmas visions of Sugar Plums, but with visions of tossing tampons and pads out, and donating unopened packages (which I have stashed everywhere for emergencies) to younger, less fortunate, friends.

Except that the ablation didn’t work. I can still remember the nurse waking me up in the recovery room, and I said, “What happened! How did it go!” Except, she just lowered her head, as she tucked in my sheets, and said, “Your doctor will be in to see you,” before walking away.


After months of suffering through stomach-wrenching iron supplements, the hormonal imbalance of high-doses of birth control pills, my body was quite ready for a non-synthetic period of healing. Instead, I left with a prescription for more birth control pills.

It didn’t take long for me to get on the internet to find some alternative solution. Our great grandmothers had these problems, and they figured it out, without birth control pills — so there must be something in mother nature’s medical cabinet that can help, right?

One herb that kept popping up was Shepherd’s Purse. I started drinking the dried herbs, as a tea, along with all of the other “foods” I drink.


  • I also read about high doses of  Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
  • Vitex, or Chaste Berry — but takes several months to kick in (I have not time for that!
  • and Coriander Seeds. (Boil the seeds, and then, drinking the water, as hot as you can stand it.)

When my first period hit, post-failed ablation, I already had a ground base of shepherd’s purse tea in my system — but from the heavy flow, you would rightly assume, that it wasn’t working.

If this is you, and you are reading this to find a remedy for Menorrhagia — please call your doctor, tell her what’s going on, and she may call you in for a hemoglobin check — which you should do. You need to know where you stand. Loosing lots of blood puts a strain on your heart, and as your poor little heart pumps harder and harder to get your trickle of blood flowing, it can lead to a heart attack. So — find out what your hemoglobin is, and get it back to a normal range, if necessary, before you start treating yourself. This is what I did through several rounds of birth control pills and iron supplements, eating lots of kale and Beet Kvass.

I knew that my hemoglobin level, right before my period started, was a low 12. (Quite an improvement from 6, which I credit to daily doses of Beet Kvass!) So, I knew I had some wiggle room, and a bit of time to work with while I tried out some herbs. Maybe I needed a stronger dose of Shepherd’s Purse?

So, I called around at all the local health food stores and found a store that carried Shepherd’s Purse Extract. Nice little portable instant drops that I could put on my tongue. I started taking entire dropperfuls every hour.

(I also learned the hard way that not all Shepherd’s Purse Extracts are alike. Herb Pharm is a brand to be trusted)

I was not getting the shortness of breath I knew was dangerous, but  I could feel my heart beat pumping a tad faster, but I still knew I was in the safe zone.

Next, I bought a nice little bottle of mint-flavored Cod Liver Oil. (Geesh, what we have to go through.) I took five tablespoons of the stuff — and repeated that three more times in 24 hours. (It really, wasn’t that bad, and it is touted as one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.)

And, of course, no home remedy would be complete without trying everything — I started drinking the coriander seed “tea.”

I went to bed that night, and I did not feel too hopeful. I knew I would probably be calling my doctor in the morning and taking birth control pills, because this was not working. But, I was wrong!

I woke up in the middle of the night, and I knew things were different. Dramatically different. My heart rate was calm. My sheets were dry, and the bleeding had slowed significantly.

Except — I didn’t know which remedy was working.

The next month, I tried only the Shepherd’s Purse — and within 24 hours, learned that wasn’t enough. I started adding the coriander seed tea — still not working. I upped the dosage of Shepherd’s Purse… and finally — I gained some control over the bleeding.

The third month — I remembered the Cod Liver Oil! I had forgotten about that little power food in month 2. (Funny, how I forgot that — wonder why?!) So, this month, I am taking only the Shepherd’s Purse tincture, (every four hours, a dropper-full combined with two tablespoons of cod liver oil 3 times a day. This combination seems to be working well. In addition, throughout the entire month, I took one dropper-full of shepherd’s purse each day leading up to my period, as back-up.

So far, this is the winning miracle combination that the Grandmother’s before us must have used.

What a relief.

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  1. Hi! I loved reading all of these posts!! I love hearing others stories.

    Can you please tell me how much of the Cod oil and how much of the Shepard’s purse work for you?

    How much of both?

    When do you start and stop taking these?

  2. Also..

    Do you take your Shepard’s purse dropper fills for 30 days straight? Just during your period? Or before your period and then stop during?

    So many different ways.

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