Meet my new neighbors


No I didn’t move. Yes… I still live in the “city.”







They’re my neighbors. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do with them either.


Kids seem to enjoy them.

Almost Wordless Wednesday

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26 comments to “Meet my new neighbors”
  1. Ha ha! That’s great. This reminds me of my younger years. We would go to my aunts farm and watch the eggs each week and it was so exciting when they hatched. It was such an exciting time! Your kids will always remember this.

  2. How fun! Those are going to be some good-natured ducks after being with all those kids. Some of our friends have baby chickens and baby rabbits right now…not sure what they’ll do with them either!

  3. oh oh they are so cute, i want one! i’ll take it. where will i put it? no clue. but oh i want to hold one of those adorable things!!!!

  4. Oh, that is precious!! A neighbor of ours kept ducks (she still does, I believe, although I don’t live there anymore..), but they weren’t well taken care of and were very smelly. Hopefully those cuties will be taken care of where they are or taken somewhere good for them!

    Wonderful photos.

  5. There’s just not much cuter than a duckling, all golden fuzz and sweet waddle.. And your kids enjoying their adorableness are pretty darn cute too.

  6. Cute! We had a mama duck nesting in the parking lot of my apartment complex until the raccoons scared her away. I live in the city, too. Happy WW!

  7. Oh! Those are great pictures! We have a pair of ducks that come in and out of our yard – we’re hoping desperately that they’ll have chicks this year. Last year wasn’t their year – we kept looking for ducklings but nothing. The other duck couple that comes by we’re pretty sure is a gay couple – two mallards. So nothing there either. With the amount of water fowl passing by our yard, it’s not too much to ask that we get chicks out of at least one!

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