Man Jack Soap is the new black

Dove Soap seems to be his favorite. I picked up a tiny Dove sample at the doctor’s office, and it sits in his soap collection box, dsc-0138right beside the “daddy” Dove soap. This is next to the Irish Spring, the Oil of Olay and the Ivory. He didn’t like the Johnson’s Baby bar too much at first, and offered it to me as a present. Then, he changed his mind, and took it back. Can I just add here, that since he started carrying that Irish Spring, Deers have stayed clear away from him… as if that was EVER an issue.

One would think Bath and Body Works, the Mecca of cleanliness, would be a haven of bar soap shapes and colors. But alas, I’ve learned this is not the case. They carry only two bars of soap in t-h-e e-n-t-i-r-e store; and they were ugly. Bars are out, I’m telling you. Just talk to any clerk at Bath and Body Works, and she’ll tell ya’.

At Target the pickins’ were slim.Sure, they had all the major brands – Dial, Dove and Ivory – but I needed something special. I almost picked up Aveeno’s oatmeal bar; but it wasn’t spiffy enough.

Finally, I hit the jack pot. I found these two cute pink whales.

They’re a little nicked up; but they should incite some glee in his heart.
Further down the aisle, I entered the dark side, and found Every Man Jack Soap.

What is so great about this soap is that the soap has texture to make it actually look like wood grain.My boy will recognize, and appreciate the care, quality and forethought that went into the making of this soap.

This I expect from a kid who uses his Dove soap box as a bank to hold his birthday money, and his frog sale money.

Because, on his birthday, I just want him to know that I “hear him.” I know where’s he’s coming from; and if you want soap, Lunar Baby, I’ll get you some soap.

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