Making Potions And Writing Labels

He knows enough about Pinterest to know I have a board called Kid Crafts, and to go there first when he’s bored.

He spied one of the messiest activities there, and set to work to make potions, claiming all of my clean canning and lid jars for his “project.”

The project that inspired him was this: tea for splinters, snot from laundry starch, ground up unicorn bones from baking soda. When he got to the unicorn blood, as silver glitter, I realized we have no silver glitter. So I suggested that he use the potions from the web site as inspiration, and to travel down the beach to see what you can create, all by yourself. Daylilly leaves could be dragon skin. I wanted him out of the cottage, exploring, you see.

“I think these are pretty good, just the way they are,” he said.

So he stuck with that, staying inside, pulling out everything he could find in my pantry. Copying every single recipe, as best he could, right down to the letter.

The best part was watching him print the labels. Writing, in the summer, without one single reminder to practice his handwriting.


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