Making Paper Toys

By the looks of my blog stats, it looks like many of you were having a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend. While you were trying to figure out how to keep flies off of your picnic table, we were stuck inside, in 50 degree weather, dodging pouring rain between trips to the grill to cook our meal of hamburgers and corn on the cob.


Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier for the big boys, who needed the time to get some pressing homework done. One has the dreaded My Trip To Washington DC scrapbook (25 percent of your grade!) to complete, and the older one, is trying to figure out what his Manifesto is — with accompanying essay. (He’s looking into something like Life is Richest When We Become Good At a Lot of Different Things.  Something like, just because you’re not great at something doesn’t mean you should quit and not explore and find out how good you can get — because the skills you gain might enhance some of your strengths.)

The rain gave them the freedom to “work on homework” without feeling as if they were missing something.
So the little boys just kind of sat around and wrestled each other, and when coming up for air, made these paper toys.
Paper Toys

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