Make Yourself This Little Origami Dress

He makes them for me all the time… whenever he sees a pretty scrap of paper, a gum wrapper — anything — he folds and folds, until he has a delightful little dress. Afterall, a girl can’t have too many dresses.

origami dress005 copy

I use them as bookmarks

origami dress003 copy

for the many, many books I have lying around that I am reading all of the time.

origami dress001

He has tried to teach me, but I have been unable to learn how to make one for myself. It’s hard.

origami dress002

This morning, I caught him on video, with all the step-by-steps. See if you can follow him and make yourself a little dress.

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4 comments to “Make Yourself This Little Origami Dress”
  1. This is amazing! How does he remember all of those steps? His fingers are so long! This takes excellent fine motor skills, as well as eye/hand coordination. I can tell that he had a wonderful Preschool experience !! I have some old maps around here someplace. Would he like to have them?

    Also – love the Batmobile Valentine box!

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