Make Your Own Cheap Milk Frother

The appeal of all those fancy lattes is the frothy milk. They have those fancy machines that whip all that air into the milk — and lure you into thinking that you’re really drinking a nice thick bowl of whipped cream.

I used to think it was a high-fat milk content that made the lattes so yummy. So I ordered non-fat. The froth was still there.

I need a milk frother.  Wouldn’t it be great to serve the kids milk-frothed hot chocolate after school?  But who wants another appliance? Then, I found a nice little trick.

Pour milk into a Mason Jar. Leave room for froth… only fill to one-half to two-thirds full.  Microwaving your milk at this point, to warm it up, is optional.

Screw the lid onto the jar, tight.

Shake for 20 seconds.

You must count. To 20. You’ll think you’re done at 12, and then again at 15. But keep going for full effect. I have never counted past 20… couldn’t wait any longer, so not sure what would happen.

Suddenly — right before your eyes, you have frothy milk with lots of air.

Add your favorite beverage, and sweetener. Enjoy.

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