List of Honeys That Successfully Lighten Hair

Honey is a home-made natural hair lightener. You can safely lighten blond and you can naturally lighten brunette hair with honey. For instructions on how to lighten your hair with honey, and how safe it is, click here. lighten hair with honey susiej0Here is a list of honeys that have a significant amount of naturally occurring peroxide to safely lighten your hair naturally at home:

Acme Brand Clover honey

Ambrosia Honey Co. honey

America’s Choice Pure Honey

Aunt Sue’s Raw All Natural honey

Aunt Sue’s Raw Wild Natural honey

Burleson’s Grade A Fancy clover honey

Busy Bee clover honey

Capilano Australian honey, from Kroger

Hannaford Brand honey, in a bear bottle

Honey Bee clover honey

Hyvee brand honey

Laney brand alfalfa honey

Naturally Preferred Fireweed honey (Fred Meyer and Kroger stores)

Nature’s Energy honey (Natures grocery store)

Ralph’s brand pure clover honey

raw, unpasteurized, blackberry honey, clover honey, orange blossom honey, tupelo honey, wildflower honey

Really Raw brand honey (goldenrod, aster and wildflower)

Safeway clover honey

Save Mart honey, in a bear bottle

Stater Brothers honey

Stoller’s Busy Bee – Bear shaped container

Sue Bee clover honey

Target’s Market Pantry honey (In a little bear bottle)

Trader Joe’s 100% desert mesquite honey, clover blossom honey

Wegmans’ brand Clover honey

Western Family Clover honey

Whole Foods 365 Organic Wildflower honey

Whole Foods Wildflower Amber honey

2 comments to “List of Honeys That Successfully Lighten Hair”
  1. Hello ,

    I refer to your article on lightening hair with honey and cardomom frequently because I use this treatment a lot .
    I love it. ( except I make a mess with the cardomom. ) lol.

    I was reading the list of preferred honey for lightening hair. I have read that raw honey contains more benefits than commercial grocery store refined honey.
    Is this true ? Or does any type – – refined or raw work just as well ?
    I am just confused.
    Some articles only say
    ” use honey ” , with no reference to a particular type . While other articles say to use
    ” only 100 % raw. ”

    Which is better ???

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