Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My…

This is how it all turned out. I gave my boys the right to choose what they wanted to do. My 8-year-old, initially said, he wanted to stay at the sleep over. Once I told him that was fine, it was like a burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Miraculously, he came around, and asked that I pick him up from the party, because he didn’t want to miss the play after all. And, we would drop him back off at the sleep-over after the play. No biggie.

But, Lions, Tiger and Peers, Oh my. Peer pressure is tough for kids. I hadn’t expected it to be introduced so heavily at 8. So, as we were getting ready, and Vanessa arrived, I called the Mom at the sleep over, and learned that all of the the boys at the party were covered in permanent marker, honoring the home-town team. And they were also drawing hairs on their chest as well. There were also washable tatoos. I’m OK with the permanent maker — it’s not my house, and I don’t have to clean it up.

But, he changed his mind about going. Today, he regrets his decision.

Too bad. He missed the delight that filled my 5 and 11-year olds faces as they watched our babysitter tap dance like Danny Kaye with the friends of the forest. The tinman’s costume was cleverly made from an expandable laundry hamper. My favorite prop, sorry, no picture, was the miniature wooden version of the “house” suspended by a string, and twirled around to resemble the tornado scene. Here were the one-liners that made the house laugh:

  • To the scarecrow lying in pieces after a fight: “You’ve got to pull yourself together.”
  • The tin man: “I’ve got metal fatigue.”
  • And Dorothy to the “former” Lion: “You’re Lion!” “No, I’m telling the truth.”

And, nobody there must have heard of TiVo, because, just as I feared, the score of the game was called out loud and clear, ruining the fun for my husband. But, at least we won.

And as we walked into the gymnasium to congratulate our babysitter, on a job-well done, I felt a pinch of pain, as I watched Grandma’s hug high-schoolers, and remembered that my Mom will not be behind the scenes to congratulate my boys on a job well done someday.

The cast, crew, lighting, special effects and costume people did an outstanding job. I’m very proud of our babysitter. wiz1.gifwiz21.gif


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7 comments to “Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My…”
  1. Pictures look awesome — sounds like it was a great time. Too bad about your son — so tough.

  2. OK — that may explain his deflated look when he got out of the shower this morning and the marker was visibly faded. He had a blast. We listened to the CD they made on the way to church this morning.

  3. that feeling of not having a grandma and a grandpa to see my boys accomplish whatever is a sad thing. especially since I know that they would have adored my boys. sad 🙁

  4. The years I spent homeschooling my three sons were one of the best times of my life. I loved it and they must have like it too as they are planning to do the same with their kids. Mind you there is only on grandson right now but it’s the thought that counts.

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