Lettuce Wraps: The kids do not like them

With my kitchen pantry cleaned up, de-cluttered and organized, I thought it might be time to tackle the fridge. I found a collection of still crisp, yet leftover vegetables.  With a little salt, the kids like to chomp on crunchy veggies, like cabbage, celery, and especially carrots — try it — just hand them a piece of raw cabbage, with a little shake of salt… they’ll eat it, and like it. Fueled by their enthusiasm, I decided to wrap them all up in lettuce leaves, and serve them with Ranch dressing.


I grated the veggies, and wrapped them up and secured them with toothpicks.

The kids did not like these! I think the problem is, the vegetables are all hidden, and surely, “there must be something hiding underneath those lettuce leaves that is really AWFUL!” they’re thinking. Much better to give them their veggies, right out in the open, no secrets.

But, seriously, these were really good. I even toasted some sesame seeds and sprinkled them on top. Delicious.


Lesson learned: the power of the veggies must stay with the kids.

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