Let There Be LED Light

The time change, the shift of the sun, and the onset of so much darkness did not visit us without groans of despair this winter. While researching lights for light therapy, I stumbled upon some information about LED lights — and how environmentally friendly they are — putting off a great amount of light with relatively low energy pull. And they are very flexible — and they can come in rolls of tape!

So, I thought it might be fun to try to brighten up the kitchen with LED light tape.  The most common use for this tape in the kitchen is to use it under the cabinets to brighten up the workspace. But, we were a bit more adventurous.

There is a beautiful brick arch that stands right in the middle of the kitchen. The arch has a little less than a 1-inch ridge that runs across the edge — the perfect width for a swath of LED tape. We ran the tape along the edge, and the tape held in place on the brick.

The tape is then connected to a power supply strip, which you purchase separately,  — somehow it all works together, quite beautifully and easily,  by connecting all of the components.

Where to put the cord? Luckily, one side of the arch meets a cabinet over the refrigerator, with an outlet above inside the cabinet. So, we just draped the tape over the edge and connected it to the power strip cord, which is inside the cabinet.

It looks fine…

Now my mind is spinning with options of ways to use the tape everywhere else — inside a dark closet? Around the edges of a desk? Or make your own makeup mirror?!

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