Leftover Christmas

How many of you still have a stray Christmas decoration lurking around your house? Honestly? We still had a mini Christmas tree, a lighted Madonna, and a few Santas in our family room — with lights still hooked up to a timer that clicked on every afternoon at 3, and shut off around midnight. My husband and I kind of liked the ambiance while we were watching TV.

I toted the last stray signs of Christmas out of the house and into the garage, yesterday afternoon. But these Christmas bulbs, which the boys gave me, are still here…

And honestly, I wouldn’t mind another batch of bulbs right now to start all over again.

3 comments to “Leftover Christmas”
  1. I love the old A&P canister that your Christmas bulbs are planted in. My parents still use the whole set. We still have a Santa in a sleigh built from K’nex that got missed sitting in our living room. After a while you just get used to it and don’t even notice it.

  2. So that’s what they are? I rescued them from my Mom’s house… I have no culinary use for them, as they are rusted… but I can’t get rid of them. Yes– it’s funny how we all have some stray decoration leftover…

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