Lacrosse: A sport a Mom can love



Invented by native North American Indians in the 15th century, it has been said that the game of Lacrosse is to be played “for the pleasure of the Creator.” Me, as the Mother, perhaps? Because, I really like this sport. This spring, I have two boys to cheer for on the field.

I’m purposely ignoring its dark place in history when the Indians played from sun up till sun down, sometimes for days as the game traveled for miles with players gravely injured or killed. Now, the goal carries much less religious and spiritual significance.

The goal? Simple: Use the stick and its attached pocket to scoop, catch, carry and pass the small rubber ball to get it in the net. Also, stop your opponent from getting the ball in the other net. Think soccer revved up with sticks. Because of those pads, Lacrosse naturally promotes “team building.”



The coach said, “I don’t care what the score is. My goal is to teach the kids to play as a team.” He even added this; “If I see a kid that is hogging the ball and is not giving it up to the rest of the players, I’ll pull him out — regardless of how many goals he’s scoring.” He looked to one parent, with a player on the HS lacrosse team for validation and said, “Isn’t that how they do it in high school?” Sadly, this parent, with all of us looking on, disagreed with the coach. Her goal is to teach her child to win. The coaches methods are still prevailing, despite her protests.

Unlike football, we have only two practices each week. And mercifully, only five games all season.

More technical information I’ve picked up: The players clamp the ball under their stick and flick it out to their middies (midfielders), who start on the wing restraining line near the sideline and sprint in when the whistle is blown to start play. Attackers and defenders cannot cross their “restraining line” until one player from the midfield takes possession of the ball.

I love this quote, which I heard in the car this morning as I was driving one boy to practice. “Sometimes I just don’t want to go to practice… but then I get there, and it’s JUST SO MUCH FUN!

Lacrosse is laid-back action. Nice and easy, like Spring itself. Games are fast and quick… another reason to love this sport. The clock keeps ticking between goals when the ball is dead for a few seconds. Games are usually over in an hour, with scores in the tens. But still, the main reason I love this sport? These cool-looking shorts… that come with a touch of PLAID!



What’s not to love?! (There is some lacrosse action in this video here from last year.)

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5 comments to “Lacrosse: A sport a Mom can love”
  1. good news – I like this and will do everything I can to steer my children towards this and away form the scary football. I am excited for the boys to play sports- I am a bit sports challenged and might get to relearn 🙂

  2. Well, once my boys got high school age, lacrosse was one scary sport! Males with raging hormones racing around beating other males with sticks. Had the most competitive coach in the world without a lick of sense in his head. Picture boys with metal sticks playing lacrosse in a lightening storm.

    I was never so glad to see a sport end in my life!

    Your coach sounds very sane. Where do you find that??

    Kacey.. I guess it COULD go that way! The boys do talk about slashing a lot… as in you CANNOT hit someone with your stick. The organzation that runs the sport is very strict. They will not allow extra practices, as they don’t want the kids to get burned out too quickly. Playing during lightning? They close the fields! No one wants that kind of liability. I can imagine what a “nail-biting” experience that season was for you! We are lucky.

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